Say Denmark and most people will think of Lego, Hans Christian Andersen or the colorful buildings in their beautiful capital, Copenhagen. A friendly, beautiful place, but like most countries does also Denmark have an military force to protect its interests, and keep the country friendly and beautiful. On of the most elite units in the Danish military is the Frømandskorpset, a Naval Special Operations Force that can be compared to the Navy Seals.

¬CasperTybjerg_DanishNavySEALs_03Many apply, but only a few make it through the thorough selection, followed by a gruesome training. The reward is to become part of a team that undertakes the most difficult and demanding missions. Given these circumstances it comes as no surprise that the bond between these men is particular strong and continues after they leave active service.

¬CasperTybjerg_DanishNavySEALs_11-1To commerate this unique bond, Linde Werdelin has been asked by “Conventus Ranae”, the formal association of past and present members of the Danish Frogman Corps, to create a special watch. The result is the Oktopus Frogman, a titanium, dressed down version of the regular Oktopus with sandwiched luminova for increased night time readibility.

LW-Oktopus-Frogman-Watch-Official-Image-1Engraved with their unique personell number, the Oktopus is only available for current and former members Frømandskorpset. Although this might be Linde Werdelin’s most difficult to obtain watches, little over 300 people will qualify to purchase one. That makes it potentially the largest edition of a single Linde Werdelin model ever made, since all the brands watches are limited to 100 watches at the most.

Photos by Casper Tybjerg.

Martin Green
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