Avant-garde, independent watchmaker MB&F has exhibited the latest piece from their Horological Machine collection, the HM7 Aquapod.

Curiously, the release of HM7 comes after last year’s HM8; work on HMs 7 and 8 started around the same time approximately four years ago, however the release of 7 was delayed due to its development taking slightly longer than expected.

Initially inspired by a jellyfish sting incurred by Max Büsser’s wife, the HM7 is the first maritime timepiece MB&F have ever produced.

And the influence of the sea is easily apparent in the watch. The case/bezel shape and its interplay with the strap suggest the offending aquatic animal. Whilst the uni-directional bezel and powerful lume are indicative of a dive watch (the luminescence also bears more than a passing resemblance to some spices of jellyfish’s phosphorescence).

Pressure rated to 5atm – fine for a quick dip in the pool – the HM7 is Büsser and co.’s unique interpretation of the dive watch and nautical horology itself, as opposed to a dedicated diver’s tool watch.

Featuring a flying tourbillon and measuring in at a gargantuan 53.8mm, the HM7 is available in red gold (limited to 66 pieces) or titanium (limited to 33 pieces). MB&F’s first 2017 release indicates an exciting year ahead for the brand. With more pieces due to be launched at March’s Baselworld show and throughout the coming year.

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