In many cases, watches that have the moonphase complication suffer from exactly the same problem as many chronographs: their dial layout is almost identical with one another. Not that this is so much a problem. This layout is often very practical and pleasing to the eye, but this does not diminish our craving for something different. And once in a blue moon, a manufacture comes with a different spin on things that feeds right into this craving with a watch like the Montblanc Star Twin Moonphase.


Also part of the Star collection, the Twin Moonphase a contemporary watch with a classic twist. Its case is of modern proportions coming as part of the Timewalker collection of Montblanc, but the guilloché dial and onion shaped crown add a dash of distinguished gentleman to the mix. Think Harvey Specter.

Montblanc04Designing a watch with an asymmetrical dial other than a date window that is pleasing for the eye, is often a difficult task. Yet with the Star Twin Moonphase, it actually takes some time to sink in that it is indeed an asymmetrical dial design. Of course, this is quite obvious with the date sub dial positioned prominently between one and two o’clock, yet it never really feels obvious. Perhaps because the date is, after the time, the most consulted data the watch offers, or perhaps because the little blue hand offers such a nice contrast with the white dial. Maybe it is our eyes saying that our mind might be telling us that things have to be symmetrical, yet that asymmetrical is much more fun to look at! Whatever is the case, Montblanc pulled it off. Montblanc05

Although I honestly never wondered how the moon would look on the other side of the earth (at cold winter days I do have visions of how the sun would look there) this Montblanc will tell you this, hence the Twin in the name. We can debate its usefulness, only to conclude that for most of us there is very little use in a moonphase complication to begin with, and that is cool! You don’t buy a watch with a moonphase because you need it, you buy one because it is cool. Because even in 2014, the moon is still a place of dreams, the closest celestial body that we see so often, are so familiar with its look and (reflected) light, yet will never touch nor visit. And what is more cool then a watch with a moonphase? A watch that tells two moonphases!

Montblanc03Then you look at the Star Twin Moonphase, and when you look really closely, you see the attention to detail Montblanc applied to this watch. From the rich texture of the guiloché dial with its pattern reminiscent of Montblanc’s famous logo, to the stepped lugs, the Arabic numerals, and even to the folding clasp. That is where most brands seem to lose interest and settle for a more or less generic clasp. A pity because not only does it also deserve the inside of your wrist to be covered with something beautiful, the clasp also plays a major role in the wearing comfort of the watch. Montblanc opted for a folding clasp that looks like a buckle, and with that they united the functionality of the first, with the pleasing looks of the second!

Montblanc07Aesthetically has Montblanc proved that they master the art of the asymmetrical dial. The Star Twin Moonphase gives a refreshing spin to a complication that we can only rank as a “golden oldie”, and pulling that off in such a grand way as Montblanc did indeed only happens once in a blue moon!

Martin Green
Eclectic taste in Haute Horlogerie, passion for diamond set watches, loves the classics

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