If the Speedmater is a religion, then the Moonwatch Only tome is its bible. Authored by Grégoire Rossier and Anthony Marquie, the book was first published in 2014 and was immediately, and universally, lauded for the meticulous labor of love that it is.

From diagrams to systematic, detailed photography, cataloging all known Speedmaster references and variations, to the vast instances of historical photos brought to light for all to be enlightened – Moonwatch Only has managed to record the history of this important horological marvel like no other book has, for no other single species of a timepiece.

Reason two is simply that Omega themselves opened up their immense archives to the authors for the purpose of the book, even going the mile to work alongside on the content.

So, in 2017, on the occasion of the Speedmaster’s 60th anniversary, Omega together with Rossier and Marquie announced the 2nd edition of the Moonwatch Only book with everything new that had been uncovered since the first edition was published. This included, once and for all, setting the record straight that NASA astronauts did not saunter into some pawn shop for a watch to bring on space flights. Rather that there was a proper and rigorous certification process where the Speedmaster prevailed and went on to become the first watch that was “Flight-Qualified by NASA for All Manned Space Missions.”

The 2nd edition also catalogs every newly uncovered historical Speedmaster, as well as the versions of the watch that were released from 2014 all the way into 2017. Therein – appropriately so – the 2nd edition of the book was sub-titled, “60 years of Omega Speedmaster.”

In his foreword on the 2nd edition, President and CEO of Omega, Raynald Aeschlimann ends his note with the words, “This book provides an extensive insight into the design and achievements of a true watchmaking titan. Its story has been wonderfully brought to life and I am certain you will enjoy it.”

From that point, it took little more than just two years for Rossier and Marquie to announce the 3rd edition. Most likely attributed to the fact that 2019 was the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing that first saw man land on the moon’s surface and with him, the Speedmaster.

The other reason is probably that under the leadership of Aeschlimann, Omega and the Speedmaster have seen a season of rapid proliferation. In as much that the 3rd edition has:

– 32 additional pages added
– 17 new models accounted for
– A completely new chapter: a 16-page gallery of astronauts and their Speedmasters
– A newly uncovered story: the Plaisted Polar Expedition
– Over 120 new pictures
– Over 50 improved pictures
– Text corrections and numerous additions
– New components and accessories with updated research
– Revised models serial ranges and popularity indexes
– QR codes

Now, about these QR codes: these are placed on selected pages of the book to bring you across to watchbooksonly.com, where you will be provided exclusive access to additional learning material.

Truth of the matter is that as much as Speedmaster collectors collect, Moonwatch Only the book is just as much a Speedmaster collector’s item. As such be fairly warned, the 1st edition of Moonwatch Only has dwindling numbers out in the world for purchase. The 2nd edition is already well and sold out, and out of print. For the 3rd edition? Best not ask, just grab your copy while you still can.