Capable of shifting oceans, moods, desires and feelings, the moon has such a strong influence on humankind, besides merely lighting up a dark night sky. The moon has been so powerful a force that it has sparked the interest of philosophers, scientists, historians and even divers who want to know its impact on tidal waves and currents when out in the water.

Experienced divers know that new and full moons are the perfect times to dive, as these phases of the lunar cycle create lots of currents and bring out the most colorful schools of fishes. In addition to all the gear and tools a diver can take on a trip, there’s truly nothing greater than a moon phase watch to indicate the best time to dive.

Since its launch in 2002, Linde Werdelin has accumulated a vast knowledge in diving instruments that led to the creation of sports watches of the utmost quality. This year, the brand unveiled a revamped version of the Oktopus Moon, originally released in 2010. Bold and sporty, the new Oktopus II Moon allows divers to accurately track the lunar cycle to plan their next diving trip. Unlike the original watch, Linde Werdelin’s latest Oktopus boasts the brand’s first in-house manufactured movement with a photo-realistic moon phase.

Linde Werdelin

The watch’s moon looks lifelike as it moves clockwise on the dial, revealing more of its surface as it advances through its cycle. The moon is silk-printed on the dial and rotates above a layer of SuperLuminova so that it shines just like a true moon in a dark sky. The numerals 11, 10 and nine, displayed at one and two o’clock, allow the wearer to precisely track the lunar cycle, while the full moon is indicated when a white mark appears through the lower dial.

Linde Werdelin Oktopus II Moon

The timepiece features a three-layer skeletonized dial, with the moon disc placed on the bottom layer of the dial, the Côtes de Genève in the middle and finally a skeletonized layer on top. The dial and movement are protected from water thanks to the 46mm case crafted in titanium and ceramic–two materials known to be the most anticorrosive against seawater–making the watch water resistant to 300 meters.

Linde Werdelin Oktopus II Moon Gold

Released in a limited series of 59 pieces, The Oktopus II Moon comes in either a gold or black version. Available in 12 pieces, the first model is crafted out of rose gold and DLC titanium and features a ceramic bezel with brown details on the dial and hands. The black version, available in 47 pieces, presents a full DLC titanium case and a ceramic bezel with the dial and hands embellished with striking blue details.

So next time you’re planning an adventure at sea, be sure to wear the Oktopus II Moon and witness your diving trip become a whole lot more exciting!