Pollution, overfishing, oil spills, climate change and acidification are all familiar terms, especially to those who are environmentally conscious.  And yet because many don’t see what is happening under the water’s surface, perhaps most people tend not to be too overly concerned with oceanic issues. A new documentary entitled Plant Ocean aims to change all that. With support from Omega and the GoodPlanet Foundation, Planet Ocean aims to change the way we look at the ocean and help raise awareness to allow people to work towards a more sustainable world.

Photo credit_Brian Skerry2

Photo credit: Brian Skerry

Photo credit2_Brian Skerry

Photo credit: Brian Skerry

Directed by world-famous environmental photographer Yann Arthus-Betrand and explorer-turned-filmmaker, Michael Pitiot, the film takes us on a journey across the water to some of the most beautiful corners of the globe, but also to the most terrifying ecological disasters in the making.


Photo credit: Yann Arthus-Bertrand

In addition to the film, the brand has unveiled a new Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Collection with co-axial movements and professional diving features to remind us of the beauty of the world’s oceans.