Customers in the United Kingdom can now buy watches directly from the Omega website for the first time. The UK is the second country to benefit from the e-commerce expansion, after the Omega sales platform debuted in the US in 2017.

The Swatch Group already sells its more accessible brands such as Swatch and Tissot online, but Omega is the first of the luxury portfolio to go e-com. Following the US and the UK, the e-commerce platform will be rolled out in other countries, but Omega has not announced a timetable for this yet.

Revolution has long been championing the expansion of luxury brands into the untapped potential of online sales. Buying a watch is a far more considered purchase than shopping for weekly groceries, but increasingly there is no limit to what people are prepared to buy online, so it makes perfect sense to give them what they want.

Richemont has been leading the way, particularly since acquiring the online wizardry of YOOX Net-a-Porter, and you can buy the likes of IWC, Cartier and Panerai with nothing more than a few taps on your preferred device. It also showed incredible savvy by acquiring Watchfinder, the leader in online sales of pre-owned watches. LVMH brands like TAG Heuer and Bulgari are also available online, so the landscape is changing and it presumably won’t be long before pretty much everyone follows suit.

Omega Starts Selling Watches Online in the UK
Omega Starts Selling Watches Online in the UK

Raynald Aeschlimann, President and CEO of Omega, said: “The response to our launch of e-commerce in the US was phenomenal and it’s a huge thrill to open up this opportunity to our valued customers in the UK. Omega is proudly Swiss, but we’re also truly global, and it’s our goal to be accessible to customers and collectors wherever they are in the world. Developing e-commerce also helps us to reach the emerging generation, which is not only great for Omega, but for the future of Swiss watchmaking in general.”

The brand was, however, keen to stress the continued importance of good ol’ bricks-and-mortar, and it will continue to develop its global network of boutiques, which, Omega says, are “still an important part of the luxury shopping experience, especially in the world’s major cities.”