It is important to lead you into the words of, Jake Ehrlich below, by first expressing a word of gratitude. In the past weekend, I spent two afternoons over the phone with Jake where I found him to be, not only a man of immense intellect, but also an incredible gentleman who positively rejoices in sharing his knowledge.

Jake rung in the middle of my afternoon here in Singapore, which was therefore absolute ungodly hours for him over in San Francisco. He was, however, wide awake with a hint of Christmas-morning-twinkle in his voice. He quickly introduced himself and got to the matter at hand. Jake first shared as a response to an earlier email exchange that he is keen to collaborate with Revolution — more on this in due time.

Then Jake shared that he was in the process of putting together an article on that would effectively add a new, previously unknown chapter to the life story of Paul Newman.

Considering the recent extensive coverage on the subject matter on Revolution.Watch — this is phenomenal news. But how is this possible? You see, Jake has recently become a close friend to the man who was Paul Newman’s best friend. I speak, of course, of Newman’s stunt double and the first man to have ever traveled on land at the speed of sound, the speed demon, Stanley Barrett.

Without giving too much away: Barrett’s basically been speaking extensively with Jake over their shared passion for Rolex, telling Jake tales of his best friend and sharing pictures from his private collection that grant us a glimpse into what is perhaps one of the greatest stories of friendship in recent history. With that said, I now hand you over to, Jake Ehrlich.

“When people talk about ‘The Paul Newman Daytona’ certain images come to mind. Images of a beloved, handsome international movie star; images of race cars, race tracks, and the iconic exotic dialed, Rolex Daytona.

I have written extensively in the past about Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona watches as well as his amazing career and achievements, and now, for the first time, I will be taking you on a behind-the-scenes tour of what his Rolex Daytona models really signified to him, while sharing never before documented images and stories of the Paul Newman Daytona.

I am able to do this through my extensive interviews with, Stan Barrett who was Paul Newman’s best friend. Stan Barrett’s lifetime achievements perhaps personify the essence of Rolex better than any man — including Paul Newman. Many people look up to Paul Newman, and in this story we will learn about the man Paul Newman looked up to, and why.”

Paul Newman on the left, seen here wearing a Daytona on his left wrist on a jubilee bracelet, with his best friend, Stan Barrett (Image:

Head over  to for the story that Jake has assembled thus far. He’s assured that while it is already an extensive article, there is more that he will continue to add as he discovers more gems from his conversations with Stan Barrett about his own life and that of Paul Newman’s.

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A special word of thanks to Jake for letting us help shout about this incredible story developing on and as well for the exclusive use of these never before seen images of Stanley Barrett and Paul Newman.

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