The two Philippe Dufour Simplicities with Phillips Watches, in Hong Kong this evening, has just hammered for well over their high-estimates.

First up was lot 1090, the 37mm, pink gold version delivered by Mr. Dufour — circa — 2002, which went for HK$2,000,000.

Second was lot 1091, the 34mm, white gold version completed in 2004, which went for HK$1,750,000.

Yesterday, in the hands of Christie’s — in Hong Kong as well— number 61, produced by Mr. Dufour in 2003, sold for HK$1,980,000. That particular piece was possibly most comparable to lot 1091 from the Phillips Watches auction and so we see the one that Phillips had on hand sold for HK$230,000 lesser.

The Second piece with Phillips, the pink gold version, therefore was the unique instance in the trio and as such the slight higher price garnered is understandable.

Tonight, would make it the second time a Simplicity, and also a first time two of these, have been seen at an international auction. Considering the Simplicity was originally offered by Mr. Dufour for round about CHF 48,000 (approx.HK$370,000), this week’s auction results have demonstrated, where rubber meets the road, that this grail of modern day horology stands true to the aura it garners in the minds of collectors.

When Mr. Dufour initially set out to produce the Simplicity in 2000, only 200 pieces were promised. But, of course, as we know now — there have been a few extras made on special request. Nonetheless the total number of Simplicities out in the wild still remains a very exclusive one. Which is why, should one turn up under the hammer — the hype is hardly uncalled for.

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