When Cartier announced the Tank MC, it was actually quite remarkable that so soon after the launch of the Tank Anglaise, another new Tank model was presented. There was a gap of ten years between the release of the Tank Divan and the Tank Anglaise and this time we see just a year between the launch of the Tank Anglaise and the new Tank MC.

– Medium sized Tank Anglaise and Tank MC –

It’s a difficult decision to choose between the two. While the Tank Anglaise is more a model for men and women, since there are different sizes with different calibers, diamond set versions and available on a leather strap or on a steel or gold bracelet, the Tank MC however is only available on a leather strap and is aimed just for men!

– Steel Tank MC –

– Pink gold version of the Tank MC –

The model is available in steel or gold and in just one size. The masculine Tank comes on an alligator strap with folding clasp and the watch is fitted with the well known automatic 1904MC caliber. As far as we know, there is no bracelet available, but with Cartier, we never know what the future will bring; La Maison may suddenly surprise us with a bracelet for the watch. I can imagine especially the steel model would look quite good on a nice bracelet. The Tank MC has the classic Tank look and the lines remind me a bit of the legendary Tank Normale and even the Tank Francaise, but the MC has of course more modern dimension and measures 44 x 34,3mm.

– Under a cuffed shirt –

A size that can’t be missed under a cuff, smaller than the Tank Anglaise with the 1904MC caliber, but absolutely comfortable, even on a smaller wrist and still great looking with a shirt and a suit.

– Tank MC Chronograph –

The watch case lends itself very well for complications and I am very exited that we do not have to wait that long, before we see the first complication reach the shelves of the Boutiques and AD’s. September is not too far away and that will be the month for the Worldwide release of the Tank MC Chronographe. I have seen the Tank MC Chronographe and even had a chance to try it on my wrist, thanks to the Singapore Boutique.

– Tank MC Chronographe in steel –

– Grey dial for the Tank MC Chronographe –

I am very pleased with the overall look of this watch, especially the very handsome steel version with grey dial. It is a beautiful tint of grey and very different from the black flinqué dial that is available for the Tank MC. The caliber of the Tank MC Chronographe is of course the 1904 CH MC, a caliber that was also used for the Ballon bleu- an Calibre de Cartier Chronographe. The new movement is based on the caliber 1904MC, but the date window is now placed at 6 o’clock.The two main spring barrels, that hold 48 hours of power reserve, ensure a more stable chronometric rate.

– The 1904MC caliber and underneath the Tank MC Chronograph caliber, the 1904 CH MC –

Both models, the regular Tank MC and the Tank MC Chronographe share a same kind of display back, to view the caliber.

Cartier doesn’t make life easier with the strong current line up of the the Tank Anglaise, the new Calibre Diver and the new Tank MC Chronographe, three watches that will appeal the most to men. If I was in the sitautation to to pick one watch for myself, I would definitely go for the watch that fits my casual life and my more business and festive moments in life; the Tank MC Chronographe with grey dial.

And as I always say; for the real Cartier Man, a Chronographe in a square case, is the only way to go!