We Have a Winner!

Earlier in 2015, we told you about the Raymond Weil Freelancer Competition held in conjunction with Raymond Weil, in which you could showcase your creative photography skills as well as your love of watches. We asked and you responded with a mountain of entries. While we were very impressed with the high quality of the photos we received, we could only choose one to win the very handsome Freelancer 7730 chronograph from Raymond Weil. Find out more about our contest winner, Justin Chong from Sydney, and look out for another chance to win in the next competition in our December issue.

The Raymond Weil Freelancer

The Raymond Weil Freelancer










Raymond Weil Freelancer Competition - Winning Entry

Winning Entry by Justin Chong from Sydney

1. Tell us about how you came to like watches?

I’ve always had an interest in watches — however, my passion for watches began after my girlfriend purchased a fashion watch for my 18th birthday. After that, the process that I’m sure every watch enthusiast goes through began, where you ditch the fashion watches and begin the research! For me, I moved into vintage watches first, still being a student. My first “good” watch was an Amida Digitrend, which took me about six months to find! I was also introduced to a Sydney watch group called Calibre 61, which further deepened my passion for watches. I finally met people who were just as crazy about watches as I am!

2. What you think of REVOLUTION Australia magazine? 

Although I am still young, I have been following REVOLUTION online for a number of years. I purchased an edition when I was visiting Singapore, and when I found out there was going to be an edition for Australia I was very excited. I look forward to seeing the next editions that are out in Australia!

3. How did you come up with the concept for your photo? 

As an industrial designer/design thinker, it’s my job to think outside the box and to create innovative products/services. I believe this education and knowledge somehow can be translated and used for smaller things as well, such as this competition. I had made a DIY light box a few weeks back for a small, amateur photography project I undertook. I developed the idea in my head to take the photo out of the reflection of the watch; however, when I tried it with my watches, it didn’t seem to work well because the dials weren’t dark enough. I ended up having to use my dad’s old Bond Omega Seamaster as it has a dark dial. I also had to enlist my brother who — between us — was holding two lamps, a camera and the magazine because the reflection would not work without the right lighting.

Justin Chong with his Raymond Weil Freelancer

Justin with his Raymond Weil Freelancer 7730 Chronograph

























Here are some other notable entires from our readers.

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