Jeff Stein, the gentleman behind one of the world’s most extensive website on the subject matter of all things Heuer and TAG Heuer,, is out to educate the masses once more with one of his most extensive articles yet.

This time, after establishing a premise for what should be considered a grail watch, Jeff has zoomed in on grail watches from the universe of vintage Heuer.

By grail, Jeff means to suggest that the listed watch needs to meet three set criteria:

  • The model must be extremely rare
  • The watch must have a strong, broad following in the community
  • The watch must be attainable by the enthusiastic collector
Three register chronograph, Reference 2447, from the 1940s / 1950s, with black gilt dial (Image:

The List — 16 Grails of the Vintage Heuer World

  • Three Register, Black Chronograph, Waterproof — Ref 2447 N (1940s / 50s)
  • Triple Calendar Chronograph, Waterproof – Ref 2547 (1940s / 50s)
  • The “Big Subs” Autavias (1962)
  • Abercrombie & Fitch Seafarer, in Carrera Case, Ref 2447 (1965)
  • “Yachting” Carrera, Ref 2447 (1964)
  • The Black Tachy Carrera – Ref 2447 NT (1965)
  • The Chronographs with Racing Logos
  • The “Skipperrera” (1968)
  • Autavia GMT – Screw-back Model (1968)
  • Camaro 18 Karat Gold – Ref 7228
  • Carrera, Three Register Panda – Ref 2447 SN (1968)
  • The Chronomatics (1969)
  • 18 Karat Gold Automatic Carrera – Ref 1158 (1969 to 1985)
  • “Exotic” Autavia — Ref 1563 (1972)
  • Yachting Carrera, Reference 1153 BN (1974)
  • Monaco in Black-Coated Case (the “Dark Lord”) (1975)

With that said, we now ask that you grab your favourite beverage (making sure to take note of the hour of the day), go on to and spend a thorough bit of time devouring Jeff’s latest. Weekend plans sorted.