It’s not often that you get to speak with the actual founder of a watch brand today, because most of them are long gone now, and get the full story behind their inspirations and creations.

Bremont was started by two brothers, Nick and Giles English, who had the idea of manufacturing mechanical watches on English soil and paying heritage to the wonderful history of military aviation. The brand was founded in 2002, and debuted its first watch in 2007.

Nick and Giles are not your typical watchmakers, they’re both pilots. Their father was in the Royal Air Force, and growing up they used to fly around with him, as well as learning how to restore old wartime aircraft and other mechanical things, old motorbikes, vintage cars, watches.

In this episode, we sat down for a candid chat with Nick at the brand’s flagship in Hong Kong. Nick tells us wild tales of piloting a 40s plane across Europe in his teens, treasured memories of his father, starting a watch company with his brother, and how Bremont watches unexpectedly found air time on the Jimmy Fallon’s show.

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Nick English wearing the 2019 Bremont Broadsword