For decades, the pre-owned, secondhand or used watch market has been in the Dark Ages. It’s been a shameful distant relative to the shiny glamorous new watch business hidden in the dark and dusty miasma of the watchmaker’s attic. But we are going to revolutionize all that.

Here’s how the pre-owned watch world used to work. If you were interested in buying a secondhand watch, you’d go to a random mom and pop store in the top and most poorly lit floor of a destitute shopping mall, and browse from a small array of seemingly random watches. Or you would scour the Internet or even look through a used watch amalgamator to find a specific watch. But following that, you had to contact either the private seller or the dealer in possession of that watch. Then scour the Internet for feedback or seek out affirmations of trust. Then you — deep breath in — had to take that leap of faith sending your hard-earned cash to some random TT address hoping the watch would:

  1. a) arrive at all,
  2. b) be authentic and in the condition described and,
  3. c) would be functioning properly and not need a costly service.

Same thing for the auction sites, where you would need to contact a seller for additional details, check his feedback, bid to win the auction and then repeat experiences a) to c) all over again. Ask around. Anyone that’s bought enough watches online has eventually had a nightmare story. A watch not being in the conditioned described or shown in the photos. A watch that was not authentic in some way or even if it was authentic, in need of an expensive repair. Or worst of all, a watch that never showed up at all. There are millions of these stories out there.

Introducing a New Era of Pre-Owned Watches

Revolution is going to do away with any and all the doubts you’ve ever had regarding pre-owned watches. Every watch we sell is accompanied by a full and accurate description report. Every watch we sell is 100-percent guaranteed to be authentic and original, unless clearly described differently. And every watch is not only guaranteed to arrive to you in perfect working condition, but it will also be backed by our game-changing 15-month full warranty. And yes, every watch we sell is guaranteed to arrive at your door without fail in a timely and efficient manner even if we have to hand-deliver it ourselves.

But more than that, we are only going to sell pre-owned watches that we think are genuinely cool. We are going to put our hard-earned over-13-years reputation on the line when we recommend any watch. Because we know the moment we steer you wrong, encourage you to buy a watch that isn’t something you can be so thoroughly proud to own, we’ve shot ourselves in the foot and compromised your trust in us. So simply speaking, we are never going to do this. Instead, we are going to tell you the stories of the best, most iconic and oftentimes most undervalued timepieces that we feel certain you’re going to love.

At the same time, together with our partner WatchBox, backed by two of the watch industry’s most legendary innovators Danny Govberg and Tay Liam Wee, we are going to cull through and cherry-pick the very best timepieces from an inventory that has a value of 60 million US dollars. That is huge, dwarfing the inventory of even the biggest firsthand watch dealers in the world. Meaning that whatever it is you’re looking for, the chances are that we have it or can find it. And more importantly, if you want to trade in a watch towards the purchase of something else, or just divest of a few timepieces that don’t see much wrist time, we’re your huckleberry. We love trade-ins and we are always happy to give you a price proposal on any watch you want to sell to us.

Pre-Owned: The Value Proposition

Maybe it’s unfair of me to draw the analogy to driving a new car off the lot and losing 20 percent of its value. And in some instances, there are watch models, such Rolex’s Daytona, Patek Philippe’s Nautilus, Richard Mille’s RM 011 and Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak Extra-Thin, where you’d be lucky to find them at full retail so much does demand outweigh supply. In fact, these watches trade for thousands to tens of thousands above retail. But the truth is that for many other watches, the moment you put one on your wrist and walk out the store, it would have depreciated significantly in value.

If this is something that doesn’t bother you, and being the one and only person to own that particular watch is worth it to you, then that’s great. But if you want to buy a watch after the depreciation has happened, or you want to buy it pretty close to the price you can sell it at later on, then pre-owned is something you may want to consider.

Buying pre-owned puts the knowledge in the hands of the consumer. Pre-owned allows you to instantly see the prices that watches are trading at on the pre-owned market, the real secondary value of those watches. These can be high or less high but as Warren Buffet likes to say, “It’s only when the tide goes out that you can see who’s been swimming naked.” The pre-owned world is one where the tide has gone out. Why shouldn’t you take advantage of this?

Pre-owned watches may allow you to purchase a more ambitious or normally more expensive watch, or get into a higher complication than you thought you might be able to. Ever thought you could own neither a tourbillon or a minute repeater? Well, by targeting watches that were already strong value propositions to begin with, and then purchasing them pre-owned after the depreciation has already happened, you may find yourself being able to buy into both of these complications. And the beauty is that no one but you will ever know that the watch on your wrist is pre-owned. It is now your watch.

We Buy Back and We Welcome Trade-Ins

Every collector has at least one or two watches that don’t see any wrist time sitting in the back of a drawer or safe. Why not use the value of these watches toward your next purchase? In the old days, this used to be a huge hassle. You’d have to consign it to that same mom and pop store or post it on the Internet. Well, those days are over. Simply send us an image of any watch you want to trade in or sell, and within 24 hours, we will send you a value we will buy it at or accept it as a trade-in for. In fact, you can even send us a wish-list of watches you want and we’ll alert you anytime we get one in. Then you have options as to how to acquire it. You can buy it. Or you can even do a partial or full trade-in with cash to you or to us, depending on the watches involved.

We always buy back at prices based on real secondhand performance data.

Maybe the market has moved against us and the value of the watch you bought from us has gone up. Fair enough, when it comes time for us to offer you to buy back or trade in that watch, we will peg it relative to current market values.

An Entertainment and Education-Rich Environment

We strongly believe the future belongs to the merger between entertainment, education and commerce. As such, our ambition is to infuse Revolution.Watch with the very best articles, original photographs and films about the coolest watches on Earth. Sure, there are other sites that do that. But then if you read about a watch on that site and you want to buy it, you’re on your own. On our site, we curate our pre-owned selection from the aforementioned 60-million-dollars’ worth of inventory. If you read about a super cool watch on our site and you want to buy it, we either have it already for you or we can get it for you.

Our articles will also research the price performance of every watch we spotlight over the past decade to provide total transparency of its investment trajectory. We will never price a watch way above market value just because we can (the way certain dealers do). Instead, our price will always be based on rational fact and true research. And on top of that, we’ll give you that 15-month warranty and guarantee its authenticity.

Most importantly, we want to bring to the pre-owned watch world a level of editorial integrity and journalistic excellence that never existed before. We want to create the best, most informative and most fun stories on the web. We believe in empowering you, the consumer, with the best education and information. We’re not here to convince you to buy watches. We’re here to empower you with knowledge, so that you can then make the informed decision to buy or not buy the watches we’ve curated with passion and care. Either way, we’re glad that you’re on our site, having fun and learning about this amazing universe we love.