Originally I trained as a solicitor, and worked for several years in the City. It’s a job that I enjoyed, and one that I will go back to, but the hours were incredibly long and I wanted to travel while I was young. Modelling allows me to work as and when I choose and from any location – and it helps that the pay is quite good too.

I like to think that my character is reflected in the clothes and accessories I wear. I see myself as a modern English gentleman, not scared to experiment or allow reflections of myself to show through.  I enjoy bespoke tailoring and tattoos, as well as fragrances and facial hair. Most importantly, I have been brought up to understand that being a gentleman is not about wealth or class, it is more about behaviour. I have a genuine interest in vintage timepieces. For me a second hand watch is like a time capsule – the slight imperfections it picks up over time are its war wounds and they all give rise to a distinct personality. It really does fascinate me when I start to think about the numerous lives that a wristwatch has had before its current incarnation.

For example, the watch I’m currently wearing is a 1978 Rolex Datejust and I love it for its combination of history and versatile style. I can wear it with anything from a dressed-down T-shirt and jeans to a dinner suit. In fact, I have some photographs from a few months ago where, in the same week, I was wearing it at a wedding in Bath and then again when I was skateboarding in New York just a few days later.

This watch is particularly special to me as it was left to me by my grandfather, who was an avid collector of timepieces. When he passed away he bequeathed a watch to everyone in our family and this is the one that came to me. I also own an Omega Seamaster, a Cartier Panthère and a Movado Ermeto. I rarely use the Cartier or Movado these days as they seem to me to be far too delicate for everyday use. My Rolex and Omega are on constant rotation as they are both durable and stylish and go effortlessly with whatever I’m wearing.

I would like to think that my watch reflects my personal taste rather than my bank balance. I wear this watch because it looks good, but not ostentatiously so. I hope it shows that time is important to me. That I am both conscientious and dependable and that my past is just as important as my future. If I could choose one more watch, then it would have to be the Patek Philippe Calatrava ref. 2526. Introduced in the early-1950s, it has a porcelain dial with gold baton hour-markers and a small seconds subdial at 6 o’clock. I had the pleasure of wearing one recently on a photoshoot and I fell in love with it the moment it was put on my wrist. If it wasn’t for the rather large security guard that accompanied it at all times I would have quite happily gone home with it there and then.