When it comes to high end luxury Boutiques in Amsterdam, there is actually only one spot, to find them all; the P. C. Hooftstraat. This is the prime location where the major brands are fighting for their own location. Chopard, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co, Cartier, IWC, Jeager- LeCoultre, and of course the various fashion brands like Gucci, Ralp Lauren, Prada, Hermes etc., all have their Boutique already at this Amsterdam top location. The waiting was only for ROLEX to join.

Friday the 13th. of November, was the day that ROLEX opened its doors at nó 40, P C Hooftstraat, Amsterdam, for the press and invitees.

RolexBoutique1 – Front of the Rolex Boutique –

Schaap & Citroen jewellers, the largest jeweller with a chain of stores throughout the Netherlands and the owner of this brandnew ROLEX Boutique, organised a jazzy party with live music, that lasted until late in the evening.

RolexDrinks – The party lasted until late in the evening –


The interior of the Boutique is modern, comfortable and reflects an atmosphere of water and sea, an inspiration where the ROLEX Boutiques around the world are so well known for. Weather in Shanghai, Taipé or Amsterdam, this is, without any doubts, the home of ROLEX.

BoutiqueView – Comfortable leather club chairs in the middle of the Boutique –


Comfortable leather chairs to have a drink, inspect watches or just have a casual chat with the staff and a more intimate corner in the back of the Boutique for more privacy. All decorated with polished walnut and bronze finishing.

BoutiqyePrivate More intimate seating in the back of the Boutique –


ROLEX is very strict when it comes to servicing. Only by ROLEX trained watchmakers are allowed to service the watches. For the owners of the Rolex Boutique it was therefore a prerequisite, that repairs could be done in the boutique itself, by an in house watch maker. During the renovation of the building, a complete service department was realised, in the back of the boutique.

WatchRepair2 – The Service department, in the back of the store –


This saves a lot of time, since the watches do not need to sent to Switzerland for service or repair. But may be as important; when Summer is around the corner and people spend their time again on the lakes and at the beach, the water tightness of a watch can be checked in the Boutique.

WatchRepair5 – Equipment to check the water tightness –


Rolex invented the watertight watch and it’s one of the main features that’s so respected. The whole Rolex collection is watertight, but people often forget that the watertightness of a watch needs to be checked every year, incase the the watch is really used for swimming and diving.

WatchRepair4 – Most watch parts are in stock –

WatchRepair3 – Servicing an Oyster perpetual with Comex dial –

The most frequent watch parts are in stock and only the very special- or more vintage parts, may need to be ordered from the Manufacture in Bienne, Switzerland. One brand Boutiques usually have the largest collection of models available and when it comes to variety, the ROLEX Boutique is no exception.

All models can be found here from the classic Submariner to the newest Day Date’s with coloured dials and from the more dressy Cellini’s to the gorgeous and new entry level Oyster perpetual ‘White grape’ or ‘Red grape’.

SeaDweller – The in 2014 launched Deapsea –

WhiteGrape – The new 2014 Oyster Perpetual White Grape, with 36mm case –

Amsterdam is a great stop over city to spend an extra day, since there is a lot to see and to do and everything is within reach. The famous museums for instance are all in the centre of the city, within a few steps steps from the Boutique.
And for non EU clients it is good to know that the ROLEX Boutique has excellent VAT return facilities.