Roses have existed for thousands of years, their beautiful and vibrant colors enchanting all sorts of civilizations from the Greeks and Romans to the Persians. Symbols of love, friendship, purity, desire and gratitude, roses have been featured in legends and religious stories throughout time.

For Piaget, though, the rose has a very special meaning—one that was born with Yves Piaget and comes to life through the brand’s jewelry and watch collections today. Yves Piaget has always nurtured a passion for roses and even has a beautiful pale pink rose named in his honor. Having been featured on necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, the rose now takes center stage on one of Piaget’s new watches—the Limelight Blooming Rose.

Piaget Limelight Blooming Rose-2

This gem-studded timepiece is part of Piaget’s Limelight collection. First launched in 2007, the Limelight series carries feminine concept watches that showcase the brand’s expertise in watchmaking and gem-setting: the Limelight Magic Hour, from 2007, with a diamond-studded bezel that can be rotated to reveal different looks; the Limelight Twice, from 2009, with two reversible dials to suit varying moods or occasions; and the Limelight Dancing Light, from 2011, with a diamond-set ring spinning playfully around the dial. Building on these innovative creations, the Limelight Blooming Rose not only pays tribute to the flower’s beauty, but, more precisely, to Yves Piaget’s award-winning rose.

At first glance, the Limelight Blooming Rose seems to feature only four diamond-studded petals surrounding the black lacquered dial.  But behind the petals lies an invisible mechanism whereby the petals can be rotated, magically adding another four gem-set petals to the dial. This creative concept is inspired by the Yves Piaget rose and its gorgeous corolla of over 80 pink petals that slowly reveal themselves as the flower blossoms. The changing aspect of the dial allows women to adapt the look of the timepiece according to their activity, whether out for coffee with friends or dressing up for an evening gala.

Piaget Limelight Blooming Rose-1

To create this timepiece, Piaget delicately grain-set 269 diamonds (totaling 2.5 carats) into all of the eight white-gold petals. The mechanism that rotates the petals, however, remains one of Piaget’s watchmaking secrets. The watch comes paired with a black satin strap and a diamond-set buckle that enhances the timeless and elegant look of the piece. The Limelight Blooming Rose is a highly welcome new addition to the collection, as it pays tribute to one of Piaget’s most iconic themes with the great creativity that we have come to know and love from the brand.

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