When Edouard Bovet ventured into watchmaking at the beginning of the 19th century, he decided to set his pieces apart by decorating each of his creations using a myriad of artistic crafts, such as enameling, gem-setting, engraving and miniature painting. Bovet’s creations became highly sought after timekeepers, thanks to the attention given to embellishing each of the watch’s parts — from the case and dial to the movement itself. While Bovet watches weren’t the only ones to be adorned at the time, the high quality and beauty of the work instantly put the brand on the road to success.

Fast forward to the 21st century and you’ll notice that this passion for the decorative arts is just as strong today as it was two centuries ago. Bovet’s owner, Pascal Raffy, continues to pay equal attention to the artistic creation of each timepiece as he does to the complications inside. In 2011, the brand decided to treat the ladies to the same level of craftsmanship and fine watchmaking as the gentlemen with the 41mm Récital 0. Because this was a huge success, Bovet unveiled the Récital 9 Miss Alexandra Tourbillon in 2013, and most recently, the Récital 11 Miss Alexandra, both dedicated to one very special lady — Pascal Raffy’s daughter.

The Récital 11 Miss Alexandra combines a feminine moonphase with a shimmering guilloché and mother-of-pearl dial. Developed by the craftsmen at DIMIER 1738, the moonphase displays two shiny black moons that are set on a moving disc, all chased and black treated to mimic a starry night sky. Sitting at the summit of the moving disc is a miniature moon, which is engraved just like the lunar surface with its craters that shimmer during the night thanks to a luminescent substance.

Bovet Récital 11 Miss Alexandra

Note as well the particular attention given to the decoration of the movement’s parts, which is a strong feature of all pieces in Bovet’s DIMIER collection. Visible on the dial is the moonphase’s jumper-spring corrector, as well as the hand-chamfered and polished steel levers. Just like last year’s Récital 9 Miss Alexandra Tourbillon, this timepiece features romantic hour-and-minute hands that form a heart when they meet.

Not only is this timepiece a gorgeous work of art, but it is also very practical as the moonphase complication only needs to be readjusted once every 122 years. Rather than placing the corrector on the case-band, Bovet has chosen to feature it within the winding and time-setting crown, so all you have to do is simply push the center of the sapphire cabochon crown to reset the moonphase.

Powered by a self-winding movement, this timepiece comes equipped with a 72-hour power reserve and is crafted in white or red gold. The Récital 11 Miss Alexandra is a perfect example of how mechanical watchmaking can just as easily seduce the ladies as it can the gentlemen, especially when adorned with some of the most enchanting decorative arts. Here’s hoping that Mr. Raffy has lots more children…and preferably girls!

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