Since its creation in 2011, the Detroit based Shinola has become known for a number of quality products including bicycles, journals and watches.

The company pays homage to the American worker by maintaining its watch manufacturing factory in Detroit, Michigan. Shinola believes in the quality of American made products and offers its support to the community of Detroit and its workers by creating unique time pieces in the heart of the USA.


Now, Shinola has teamed with the iconic American fashion photographer and film director Bruce Weber to create a compelling and beautiful advertising campaign that highlights both the richness of the company’s products and the history of the place in which they are created.

Mr. Weber is one of the best known fashion photographers of our time. His images move beyond the confines of photographing “products;” instead capturing times, emotions, places, moods and often making social statements as well.


Mr. Weber is known best for his stark and powerful black and white photography but his campaign with Shinola includes both black and white and color photography.  His subject is the city of Detroit itself. His series of images celebrate the people, places and history that make up the city that is home to Shinola.

All photos by Bruce Weber for Shinola.  Used by permission, all rights reserved.

Regina Walker is Senior Writer and Social Media Manager for REVOLUTION Magazine (USA)

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