There is no such thing as a conventional Parmigiani, and there should never be something as a conventional Parmigiani. It doesn’t suit the brand. Parmigiani is all about constantly developing the art of classical watchmaking to define current and future expression of its art. With SIHH 2015 just around the corner, Parmigiani introduces a new edition of the Tonda 1950. Please meet the Squelette.

pfc280-1200100-ha1441_dos_art.tifSkeleton watches have a great tradition in the world of Haute Horlogerie. Not only do they allow the owner of the watch to see all the details of the inner workings of the movement, but it also pushes watchmaking to its limits. The bridges and mainplate have to be cut open so that they show all there is to see, yet at the same time maintain enough integrity to keep the movement running precise and dependable. A task that can be trusted to a man like Parmigiani.

pfc280-1060100-ha3921_profil.tifBut Parmigiani wouldn’t be Parmigiani if there is not a twist. In this case, there are actually two. His approach towards the PF705 movement is a technical one. By cutting away that what is not needed, the movement became a maze of brushed metal curves. Hand beveled and its decoration hand-drawn.  Technical yet sensual. Empowered by the fact that the micro-rotor is now also visible from the front, he also decorated the front. The result is a great contrast with the case of polished gold, yet like a good marriage, they only seem to strengthen each other. The watch becomes a contemporary classic by birth, it can mingle with the past, yet keep up with the future.

pfc280-1060100-ha3921_art.tifYet Parmigiani has another twist in store; while the men’s model shows the fifty shades of grey of its movement like a centerfold in an obscure magazine, the ladies model teases with its movement, as an outline behind a sheer curtain. Here a milky, slightly translucent sapphire disk hides the full view of the movement, leaves room for the imagination, of course only when you can fight the urge to flip the watch over. A subtle detail that makes for an almost completely different watch, and that was without a doubt unconventionally intentionally!

Martin Green
Eclectic taste in Haute Horlogerie, passion for diamond set watches, loves the classics

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