When a watch has the word traditional in it and it is a Piaget you can count that it will also feature a gold bracelet. Although a watchmaker long before venturing into the field of jewelry making, Piaget has been merging both crafts for longer than half a century. This has always been Piaget’s strength; by being able to create ultra-thin, reliable movements it allowed its designers and goldsmiths more freedom to create the most amazing watches.

It is therefore not  surprising that Piaget’s history is paved with watches that unite these two strengths in a superb way, like the Traditional Oval. Originally crafted in the 1960’s the watch is very feminine, and very luxurious. The oval shape gives it a playful look, and makes it look surprisingly contemporary. The bezel set with brilliant cut, colorless diamonds communicate that this Piaget is a precious piece, in case you couldn’t tell from the gold bracelet.

G0A40212 and G0A40211_DUOIt is that bracelet that makes all the difference in the world. For decades Piaget has shown true mastery in crafting precious gold bracelets by hand, and despite the quartz crisis they were able to hang on to this dying craft, and they remain one of the few that can still offer it today. A gold bracelet that is made in such a way has unique qualities. Since they are made from very fine links, it will look like a single bracelet from the outside. The individual links are almost impossible to spot unless at very close range. This also has an additional advantage; by crafting a bracelet in this difficult and time consuming way, it will wear like a second skin. Once you’ve experienced that, you know that it is true luxury!

SFMai14-060In the history of Piaget as well, dials made from semi-precious stones play an important role. For this, exquisite pieces of Malachite, Lapis Lazuli or Tiger Eye are cut into ultra thin disks and used as a dial. Another rare craft that Piaget has kept alive is now being used to create the Vintage Inspiration. Here Onyx, polished to a deep shine, forms the dial. The result is a very attractive contrast with its brushed white gold case.


This stepped case is quite unique in today’s watch scene; not round and not square it is a shape that dares to be different, yet in a understated way. Powered by caliber 534P it is a watch comfortable with its past, yet ready for its future. That future will most likely involved an owner that can appreciate the fact that the true qualities of this watch are not immediately eminent to those around it. Actually it is most likely an owner who prefers it that way, with a seemingly casual nonchalance, yet a sharp eye for detail and quality.

Martin Green
Eclectic taste in Haute Horlogerie, passion for diamond set watches, loves the classics

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