Always something mind-expanding to show; this time, even a pen!

RM50-02 ACJ Tourbillon Split Seconds Chronograph

Branded with Airbus Corporate Jets, that branch of the Airbus company that specialises in the creation of private jets, the RM50-02 features movement parts protected by a special coating used in the aeronautical industry to protect engine and chassis parts from corrosion and environmental conditions. The titanium-aluminium alloy used to construct its case is also the same material used in jet engine turbine blades. Manual winding tourbillon movement with split seconds chronograph, with indications for power reserve (70 hours), torque and crown function. Limited to 30 pieces.

RM67-01 Automatic Extra Flat


Red gold

A new automatic movement was created for this measuring just 3.6mm in thickness; and for the first time, Richard Mille’s distinctive tonneau case has been made available in a an ultra flat format. Self-winding, 50 hours’ power reserve.

Mechanical Fountain Pen

Richard Mille hasn’t just used space age materials to fashion a pen and stuck its name on it; its movement creators spent four years of R&D to create a true mechanical fountain pen, featuring a movement not for telling time, but to extend the nib on demand at the push of a button.

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