“Reissue,” as the word suggests, is an act of relaunching an old product, a wristwatch in this case, to celebrate an anniversary or because it is significant in the history of a brand. But a good reissue involves so much more than a company simply taking an old watch out of the archives and manufacturing it all over again. Indeed, the designer must take the background story into consideration and think about how to fine-tune the watch in order to meet the needs of today’s consumers, while still preserving the classic style and poise – a challenge to both the watchmaker and the designer. And, most importantly, a reissue watch must touch the emotions of consumers – after all, it is essentially a time capsule of sentiment and remembrance.

The new Montblanc 1858 Collection is a successful example of a reissue. My personal favorite is the dual-time model with auto-winding, black dial, classical style hands and cream-colored Super-LumiNova coated indexes. A remake of a classic Minerva military timepiece from 1930, this minimalist retro timepiece bears the Montblanc logo from the 1930s and features an earthy leather strap decorated with traditional taupe braids. When I put it on my wrist, its pure nostalgic style and irresistible charm completely took over my will power. I struggled when I had to take it off.

Montblanc 1858 Collection

After using a tonneau case for over a decade, this year IWC has brought the round shape from 1985 back to the Da Vinci collection. The 2017 models preserve the classic elegance of the original with a double-layer bezel and articulated cylindrical lugs – perfect for comfort and fit and a feature rarely seen today. Most of this year’s Da Vincis are for women, including a classic automatic three-hander and moonphase. However, the most reminiscent of the past is the Perpetual Calendar Chronograph that preserves all the functions of Kurt Klaus’s original, but with advanced technology in the movement creation. The new in-house flyback chronograph movement, which was the basis for caliber 89630, has co-axial minute and hour totalizers at 12 o’clock combined with a moonphase disc.

IWC Da Vinci
IWC Da Vinci

Another well-received collection was the Panthère de Cartier. This collection for women was born in the 1980s and the 2017 models feature sensual, silky-soft metal bracelets that stay true to the original design. The five-link chains cling to the wrist with alluring tenderness, just like a graceful and elegant stalking panther. Available in various metals, with or without gemstones, this wristwatch is not just a timepiece, it’s a stunning piece of high jewelry.


The Toric watch was one of the first creations of Michel Parmigiani for his eponymous brand and the 2017 collection carries several traditions forward, blending them seamlessly with new possibilities. The Toric wristwatches keep the classic round shape, but the finer details have been revamped for a modern look. The decorated double-bezel is now a single-bezel design, while the case and lugs are polished. The simplicity of the three-handed dial is complemented by the large calendar window at 6 o’clock and the 40.2mm case is the perfect size for both men and women, making it the ideal timepiece for those seeking the uncomplicated alternative.

Parmigiani Fleurier

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