Bell & Ross has long delighted with watches that are well-proportioned (not a matter of size, but ratio) and handsomely styled, that a measure of their success lies in how it’s so much easier to pick “likes” from its sizeable collection, than a fave. In step with the most hardworking watchmaking companies in the trade, Bell & Ross has both charmed and impressed with sheer ingenuity in keeping that square inch on our wrist fresh with complications, designs and connections to stories that touch and inspire.

The classic BR 03-92 is as Bell & Ross to the core as a timepiece can get: flamboyant, and being ripped from a cockpit instrument, is infused with a spirit daring and adventure while embodying the mission-critical requirements of military aviation, that it be rugged, reliable and easy to read. With the BR 03-92 Full Lum, the company has taken readability and visibility up another rung, this time dipping the timepiece in luminescent paint, Achilles-fashion (the Greek hero got his invulnerability from being dipped in the river Styx as an infant by his mother, who held him by his heel), up to its pin buckle. The dial is coated with C3, the brightest of the Super-Luminova flavors, and the strap has had lume mixed into the material before being hot molded and pressed.

In the day, the BR 03-92 Full Lum in cream with a hint of yellow and green is hipster-cool; in the dark, the dial and strap lights up, in the company’s own words, “like an aurora borealis”. No one from the special forces will be wearing this on a secret mission. The stabbing glow is an invitation to lob a grenade in the general vicinity. In a disco, though, it could be a magnet for attention of a friendlier sort. The watch is well-matched with a matte black ceramic case that should stay pristine for the longest time.

The BR 03-92 Full Lum will be released in a limited edition of 250 pieces, exclusively from Bell & Ross boutiques and e-boutique. Customers in Europe, US, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New-Zealand can pre-order the watch on the Bell & Ross E-Boutique from November 15th, with confirmation of purchase sent to each successful allocation on November 22nd. Alternatively, customers can also register their interest to purchase at any Bell & Ross boutique between November 15th and 21st. A draw will be held on November 22nd at every Bell & Ross boutique, and successful allocations notified that day.

Technical Specifications


Automatic BR-CAL. 302


42mm matte ceramic; sapphire crystal; 100m water resistance


Luminescent gree rubber