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The 50th Anniversary Golden Bridge – released to celebrate the company’s half-century – is the perfect showcase for the in-line baguette movement

Corum Golden Bridge: Leading the Charge for Transparency

We have the Corum Golden Bridge to thank for initiating the trend towards transparency in watchmaking, in baring the watch movement to admiration and scrutiny.
Shaun Gordon's 1953 Omega Seamaster wristwatch

They Wear It Well: Londoners

Four resident Londoners share their stories, and discuss their top wristwatch choices.

Corum Ankles Baselworld

Corum announced that it would not be participating in Baselworld 2019.
Corum Big Bubble Anima Matteo Ceccarini

Corum Big Bubble Anima Matteo Ceccarini

Corum collaboration with Italian DJ, composer, and producer Matteo Ceccarini, featuring a piercing blue eye on its dial, the Big Bubble Matteo Ceccarini, or “Anima”, is an eye-catching (pun intended!) piece sure to get people talking.
Corum Heritage Artisans Coin Watch (Image © Revolution)

Corum Heritage Artisans Coin Watch

As for the coin-as-a-wristwatch case, Corum has produced coin watches for over 50 years, since 1964.