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H0 Red Fluid

SIHH 2019: HYT

Continuing with its unique way of telling time with liquid, contemporary brand HYT expands its H0, H1, and H20 collections at SIHH 2019.
H20 Silver

2018 Revolution Round-Up: HYT

With 2019 looming, let’s recap what HYT showed the world with its liquid timepieces.
HYT H20 ‘Time is Fluid’ in 18-karat yellow gold (2N)

Pre-SIHH 2019: HYT’s H20 “Time Is Fluid”

Contemporary brand HYT continues its story with the next chapter in its H20 collection.
The HYT H20 Brown Limited Edition

HYT Unveils a New H20 Brown Limited Edition

HYT unveiled its H20 collection earlier this year at the SIHH with two models...

HYT World Premier in Paris

HYT unveils not one, but two limited editions during an exclusive event in Paris’s VIP Room.