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MB&F - Medusa

SIHH 2019: MB&F Medusa

SIHH 2019 is upon us once again, seeing MB&F working with L’Epée 1839 for the 10th time this year.
The Fifth Element

2018 Revolution Round-Up: MB&F

As it had done in previous years, MB&F reigned supreme in injecting fun, frivolity and authenticity into the realm of high watchmaking.
MB&F Horological Machine Nº9 “Flow” (Image © Revolution)

Introducing the MB&F Horological Machine Nº9 “Flow”

Horological Machine Nº9 “Flow” is as disruptive a piece as ever emerged from the creative lab of MB&F, and the craziest thing about it isn’t even something that you notice right away.
Bovet Sportster Chronograph included “bullhead” crowns and pushers, Chinese Zodiac character hour markers and a brand name in Chinese characters (Photography © Joy Corthésy)

The Watch That Started It All

Every watch aficionado has a story about how they fell in love with watches. It may start with the first watch he or she wore as a child, the first serious watch they received as they entered adulthood, or the watch that they dreamed about owning. Like every passion, appreciating fine watchmaking is a journey that is unique to each and every person.