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Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Unique Series Minute Repeater (Image © Revolution)

Introducing the Excalibur Spider Unique Series Minute Repeater

Roger Dubuis introduces the Excalibur Spider Unique Series minute repeater, a seemingly counterintuitive piece unique creation.
World Tourbillon Day (Image © Revolution)

World Tourbillon Day

On World Tourbillon Day, REVOLUTION pays homage to Abraham-Louis Breguet and the tourbillon makers that followed after, by picking our favorites.
Excalibur Huracán in blue and the and Excalibur Huracán Performant in red (Image © Revolution)

How to Make Watches for the Future, According to Roger Dubuis

Revolution traces how Roger Dubuis has been methodically challenging norms to create timepieces that will be relevant not just today, but also tomorrow.

Roger Dubuis: Enamel Magic Revisited

Photography by Andrew Morgan and Watchfinder Watches and dials from the collection of ‘Ricardo’, and...
The original Breguet Marie Antoinette watch

The Lovely Bones: Skeletonization and Skeletonised Watches

Watches are now showpieces as much as timepieces, and as levels of sophistication have increased, the inner workings deserve not to be hidden.