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Painted by Sunflowerman

“I was born with a pencil in my hand” – Sunflowerman

In the age of mighty megapixel macros, it sometimes takes the inspired flourish of fine art to help us see even precious things in a different light.
Revolution Watch Podcast Ep. 9: Michael Friedman

Revolution Watch Podcast Ep. 9: Michael Friedman

Audemars Piguet's Michael Friedman comes onto the Revolution Watch Podcast for an insightful episode on the history of telling time.

The Rarest Patek Perpetual Calendar — the 3449

John Goldberger schools REVOLUTION on Patek Philippe's rarest perpetual calendar ever made: the ref. 3449 (of which only 3 examples exist).

Vintage Tank Cintree Mother Lode Amassed by John Goldberger

John Goldberger (a.k.a. Auro Montanari) invites Revolution into his home in Bologna to run us through his massive Cartier Tank collection, with particular focus on the Tank Cintree.
Auro Montanari pictured at home, wearing a special order Tank Cintrée with a platinum case and bracelet on his wrist (Image © Revolution)

Call Collect: John Goldberger a.k.a. Auro Montanari

In conversation with author and all-round expert on fine wines, vintage Cartiers and Patek Philippes, Auro Montanari, better known as John Goldberger.