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Galop d’Hermès

SIHH 2019: Ini Archibong, Designer behind Hermès’s Galop d’Hermès

During an exclusive presentation in Neuchâtel before the SIHH, we got an avant-premiere of Hermès’s new women’s collection — the Galop d’Hermès — with Ini Archibong, the designer behind the watch.
The 2018 Hermès Carré H (Image © Revolution)

Dare to be a Square — The Hermès Carré H

Renowned architect and designer of the Hermès Carré H, Marc Berthier, explains his creative purpose behind his four-sided creation and its new 2018 rendition.

Necessary Irrational Behaviour

Whether he is investigating the role of Barbie in contemporary society in his capacity...