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Bremont H-4 Hercules

Bremont H-4 Hercules Pays Tribute to Herculean Contribution to Aviation

Bremont pays tribute to the H-4 Hercules a crazily large aircraft originally designed to carry allied tanks over the Atlantic during the Second World War.
Bremont Jaguar D-Type Limited Editions

Bremont launches limited-edition Jaguar D-Type watch

Bremont, loudly blowing the horn for a resurgence of Britain’s once-great watch industry, has launched a watch that celebrates the ferocious Jaguar D-Type.
The Bremont Broardsword, inspired by the "Dirty Dozen" watches

Bremont Introduces New Watches at the Townhouse

Bremont announces partnership with Ministry of Defence, new watches and refreshers at their 2019 Townhouse event in London
Bremont U2/51-JET

Bremont Provides the Antidote

Bremont is proving to be the go-to watch brand for action movies.
Bremont Waterman

Bremont Goes Big

Bremont introduces their latest brand ambassador, Mark Healey and the limited-edition Waterman.