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Patek Philippe Nautilus

The First Sin

Lust is a dangerous and highly appealing iniquity, and one that keeps the watch industry running like clockwork.
Patek Philippe Star Caliber 2000 (Image: THG)

10 Equation of Time Watches

What has remained unchanged in the developing story if watchmaking is the rarity of equation of time watches; here are some notables in this exclusive club.
Azzam Jamil (a.k.a. @tourbillonlifestyle) rocking his El Mirage chronograph over the summer months of 2019

An Owner’s Perspective — The Bell & Ross x The Rake & Revolution “El...

Friend of Revolution, Azzam Jamil (a.k.a. @tourbillonlifestyle) pens his thoughts as an owner of the special edition Bell & Ross x The Rake & Revolution “El Mirage” chronograph.
Innovations at Audemars Piguet in reaching out to the female market include the Frosted Gold collection

The Holy Trinity, Part 2: The Rule Breakers of the Swiss Watch Industry

In Part 2 of our series on the watch industry’s greatest leaders, we look at three individuals who have transformed the landscape of Swiss watchmaking.
Omega's 2019 New Original Calibre 321

The Best There Ever Was — Omega Calibre 321, the #MoonCalibre

Revolution pays tribute to the best chronograph movement there ever was, the Omega Calibre 321 (also known as the Lemania 2310).