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Tudor Black Bay Red 79220

Modern Classic: The Mk1 Tudor Black Bay

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay has been a runaway success since its introduction in 2012, and takes inspiration from vintage Submariner watches from the 50s, 60s and 70s.
Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark

2019 Revolution Awards Public Polling: Best Sports Watch

Readers roll up their sleeves to help us pick the year’s best timepieces – it’s a snapshot of what the watchmaking brands are doing right.
Certina DS PH200M

The Dive Master

Editor-at-Large Ken Kessler contemplates how watch trends form and how that allows the value purchase market to punch above its weight.
The Tudor Black Bay GMT

Revolution Awards 2018: Ultimate Value Watch― Tudor Black Bay GMT

Once again, the global editors of Revolution weigh in on the best timepieces of the year, as well as the personalities that shaped the watch industry.
Tank Cintrée Chinese and Arabic (Image © George Cramer)

Opinion: Old Timers

According to Revolution’s Editor-at-Large Ken Kessler, there is a multitude of reasons for looking to the past when buying a wristwatch.