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Bremont Supermarine Type 300

Marathon training with the Bremont Supermarine Type 300

Revolution’s Sophie Furley continues her series of running reviews of sports watches with the Bremont Supermarine Type 300 as she prepares for the London Marathon.
An early Rolex platinum and diamond cocktail watch

They Wear It Well: At the Emsworth Polo Grounds

Revolution headed out for a chukka at Emsworth Polo Grounds to see who is wearing what.
Bremont Road Trip

Bremont: The New British Invasion

Look out America, the English(es) are coming!

The Height of Success

Known to his many clients as a successful management consultant, out of office hours Jake Meyer is a real life Action Man – a mountain climber, an intrepid adventurer and a British Army reservist. Since 2005, Meyer has been accompanied in his pursuits by a Bremont wristwatch.

One watch, One Kayak and 1,200 miles of Open Water

Question: What do you wear on the wrist when you choose to row 1,200 miles from Greenland to Scotland in a sea kayak? Justin caught up with British explorer Olly Hicks to find out.