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Alfredo Paramico

Interview with Alfredo Paramico

The Italian-born, Miami-based watch collector and expert tells us about his love affair with incredibly rare vintage pieces, including his greatest finds and biggest watch-related regret.

Revolution Awards 2020

On our last issue of every year, it has become tradition for us to celebrate by sorting through the wide array of watches launched over the course of the year and bestowing awards among the best of the best.
Nick Foulkes’ own Rolex King MIdas Ref. 9630 (©Revolution)

Worth Its Weight in Gold: The Rolex King Midas

The inimitable Nick Foulkes expounds on his love for the extravagant Rolex King Midas and tells us how its enjoying a revival among collectors, and deservedly so.
Two horological marvels from Santa Laura’s collection: the Harry Winston Opus 5 created by Felix Baumgartner and the Opus 3 created by Vianney Halter (©Revolution)

In Conversation with the One & Only, Santa Laura

Wei Koh digs deep into the subject of the passion of watch collecting with the man behind the universally recognized Instagram handle, Santa Laura.
Vilma Banky and Rudolph Valentino in the 1926 film, Son of the Sheik; Valentino insisted on wearing his treasured Cartier Tank during the filming. In every scene.

The Roaring Twenties — The Most Important Decade for the Wristwatch?

Revolution’s Editor-at-Large Ken Kessler examines the birth pangs of the wristwatch during the Roaring Twenties.