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HYT SOONOW Instant Rainbow

Introducing the HYT SOONOW Instant Rainbow

HYT watches join the holorogical Rainbow parade with the HYT SOONOW Instant Rainbow.
HYT H0 Black Fluid

New Colours: HYT H0 Black Fluid and H5 Blue Fluid

HYT's modernist rendition of ancient water clocks adds two new models, an H0 and H5 in colours of day and night.
The Patek Philippe Cobra reference 3414, designed Gilbert Albert for the brand and featuring a fully linear digital display of time.

Linear Progression: The Patek Philippe Cobra 3414

The linear display of information made famous by URWERK emerged first from an almost forgotten watch by Patek Philippe: the Cobra 3414.
The HYT H20 Brown Limited Edition

HYT Unveils a New H20 Brown Limited Edition

HYT unveiled its H20 collection earlier this year at the SIHH with two models...
HYT H0 Orange

HYT Reinvents Liquid Timekeeping Again with the H0

Known for cutting-edge designs and innovative applications of technology, this year HYT has decided to step back, refocus on the hydro DNA of the HYT equation and go back to the basics of this unique brand. Enter the H0...