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The King is Dead – Long Live The King!

The King is Dead – Long Live The King!

Ross Povey tracks the lineage of Rolex’s most regal Oyster, the Air King, and discovers its reign has been nothing short of remarkable.
Author and esteemed watch collector, Auro Montanari, better known to the world as John Goldberger (Image: John Goldberger)video

Zooming In With Auro Montanari On His New Book: Time to Race

Auro Montanari, better to the world as John Goldberger, tells Revolution all about his...
DAYTONA PERPETUAL, authored by F. Santinelli, P. Gobbi and R. Povey

The Daytona Perpetual Book, Now Available on Revolution

The name Pucci Papaleo has become synonymous with the most luxuriously produced watch books...
Rolex Explorer Ref 5504

Ken’s Klassics: The Rolex Explorer 5500/5504

Revolution’s Editor-at-Large Ken Kessler takes a tour through the watchmaking classics.
Rolex GMT-Master ref. 16758 SARU (Image © Revolution)

The SARU Saga – Gem-Set GMT-Master Story – From SARU to Bruce Wayne…

Once the humble reserve of the airline pilot, the GMT-Master has been iced more times than an Aeroflot jumbo’s wings