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Rolex Square Crown Guard ref. 5512

The Watch Face: Gilt Dials

Delve into the history of dial design and the elements that make up some of the most famous watch faces of our time. In this part: gilt dials.
A Canadian Navy issued 1978 Tudor MilSub ref. 9401/0 with mismatched dial markers and snowflake hands

Canadian Navy Issued Tudor MilSub Ref. 9401/0

Ross Povey receives a number of emails from Canadian Navy divers whose invaluable information has helped shaped his research on Tudor military watches.
The F.P. Journe Astronomic Blue for Only Watch 2019

Only Watch 2019: The Complete Catalog

The complete 2019 Only Watch catalog in just the bear technical specifications form
The Origin Story of the NATO Strap

The Origin Story of the NATO Strap

Now a trend that has become ubiquitous throughout the watch industry, so-called ‘NATO’ straps owe their existence to a single point in British military history.
Tudor Black Bay GMT batch being tested for water resistance

A Visit to Tudor

A surprisingly compact – yet unsurprisingly efficient – workspace guarantees the quality of every Tudor watch sold today.