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Into the Inferno – Revolution Does Las Vegas, USA

Every year before the Las Vegas watch shows kick off, Revolution USA hosts the “Motorcycles and Musclecars” ride/drive, and this year we went out into the desert.

Video: Employee Number 3 (The watch that changed the world)

While all of this innovation was taking place at Ulysse Nardin, a silent force — small but incredibly effective — was there to see the dream become a reality.

Video: When The Freak Came To Life (The watch that changed the world)

After having met the few people whose ideas gave birth to The Freak it was time to speak with the guys who put together the first ever Ulysse Nardin Freak.

Video: The Birth Of Silicon (The watch that changed the world)

The realization of the groundbreaking watch that the Freak was destined to be necessitated the use of materials never before used in watchmaking. And thus was born the age of silicon in horology. But who was it that proposed this space age material for use in a watch?