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IWC Ingenieur (Image ©

The Omani Gift of Time

The late Sultan of Oman was one of the most important watch collectors in the world, especially for vintage Rolex, Patek Philippe and IWC.
Time Tamed

On the Reading List: Time Tamed

In his latest book Time Tamed, Nick Foulkes examines the fascinating role that timekeeping has played in the history of mankind.
Vacuum watches were produced for a number of brands including Century, Glycine, Croton, Waltham and Dugena – all are recognisable by the bezel clamps at 12 and 6 o’clock

The Vacuum Watch You May Never Have Heard Of…

A watertight case will protect the movement in most instances, but some manufacturers have gone even further, by sucking out all the air from within!
The Rolex Bling Thing — Daytona Days

The Rolex Bling Thing — Daytona Days

Ross Povey — in collaboration with Pucci Papaleo — talks us through the early developments in bejeweled sports models and decodes the racier Daytonas.
Rolex Daytona 6265s with khanjar dials, Captain David Wood's on right and Bruce McDonald's on the left (Image: @bexsonn)

REVOLUTION EXCLUSIVE: Discovered — New Khanjar Dial Rolex Daytonas

Ross Povey goes on the hunt and discovers two instances of previously unknown Khanjar Dial Rolex Daytonas.