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Thomas Crown’s Affair with Style and Timepieces

Thomas Crown’s Affair with Style and Timepieces

Wei Koh examines how Steve McQueen’s magnificent wardrobe and wristwatches stole the show in classic 1968 heist film, The Thomas Crown Affair.
Reverso from 1933

On The Flip Side: The Reverso

Revolution looks at the life and times of the Reverso, a horological triumph of design that's stood the test of time for 86 years and counting.
Dirty Dozen

Dearer By The Dozen

Twelve military watches designed to the same specifications, a collective name borrowed from one of the coolest war movies ever made – we can only be talking about The Dirty Dozen.

Past Times: Pablo Picasso

With a career spanning seven decades, Pablo Picasso had a huge impact on 20th-century art, becoming one of the most sought after painters of the new millennium. An artistic rebel who grew fantastically wealthy within his lifetime, Picasso had a love of finery and beauty, which included his choice of wristwear.

Jaeger-LeCoultre and Photography

Jaeger-LeCoultre has a legitimacy in photography, being the only watch brand to have actually manufactured...