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Rolex Square Crown Guard ref. 5512

The Watch Face: Gilt Dials

Delve into the history of dial design and the elements that make up some of the most famous watch faces of our time. In this part: gilt dials.
Tudor Monte Carlo

Very Briefly: Tudor Chronographs (Vintage, Pricing)

A skeletal essentials-only guide to the Tudor chronographs that were produced from the 1970s to 1990s, in mostly incomplete sentences.
Tudor Tiger Prince Date Chronograph ref. 79260 (Image © Revolution)

The Fourth Coming – The Prince Oysterdate

Over the past couple of years we have discussed the Tudor chronographs in some detail. As a quick recap we can break the watches down into series – the first being released in 1970 and the different series running into the 2000s.
“Weasel Watch” – waiting for the next supply drop atop a Weasel

Tudor on Expedition

Revolution goes in search of the Tudor Oysters that were tested to their limits during a perilous expedition to Greenland in the 1950s.
A Qaboos and an Omani Rolex Daytona

Ross Povey at the Issued 3 Gathering

Ross Povey, our Rolex and Tudor Editor-At-Large, spent the past weekend amongst friends old and new celebrating all things Rolex and Tudor (and a few other cool brands). The focus was issued watches – military pieces, professional tool watches and commemorative timepieces. Welcome to Issued 3…