In between a dress watch and a sports watch is what the Mayu, Sub Seconds @ Six from independent watchmakers H. Moser & Cie is. A simple looking, but gorgeous mens watch with a plain uncluttered dial. The Mayu is certainly not a new model, but it’s one of those watches that needs to be seen to believe. Moser as it’s often called by collectors is one of the few independents, that produces a collection of watches, with an analogue time display, in contrary to the alternative time reading displays, that made other well known independents, só popular among the community.



A difference is that H. Moser & Cie is not a new comer but a brand that was established already in 1827. After it had changed its way of working, place of location and management, the company was reborn in 2002 and is since 2012 owned by the Meylan family. The Meylan’s have a very rich heritage in fine watchmaking. Chairman is former ‘Audemars Piguet’ Chief Executive Georges-Henri Meylan, while his son Edouard Meylan, became the CEO of H. Moser & Cie.



Personally I have always been a sucker for Sub Seconds @ 6 models, without a date window, but I actually only got really impressed by the Mayu, when I looked at the movement. Visible through the curved sapphire back fitted on the case, the in-house manufactured hand-wound HMC 321 movement, the beating heart of the beautiful Mayu, is looking incredibly good. Equipped with a large barrel it provides remarkable endurance ensuring a power reserve of at least 72 hours. On the watch back there is a power reserve indicator on the movement, to ensure that the movement is sufficiently wound, to offer the best possible precision. The way the caliber is set up is beautiful and the level of finishing absolute top and IMHO comparable to the few top brands in the market . It is one of those watches that one would like to wear, up side down, in order to enjoy the looks of the caliber.



But there is more to like. The dimensions of the case for instance. For a watch like this, the 38.8 mm case is perfect, fits easy under a cuff and is very comfortable. The crown is large, is nicely shaped with the large M engraved and ensures very easy and comfortable winding. The crown moves easily into its second position, to set both hands and it triggers the stop-seconds function and produces a “click” when it returns to its position for manual winding. The power reserve of a hefty 72 hours, that I already mentioned, is displayed not on the dial, but on the movement side of the watch.


Moser made a collection of seven different Mayu models, in various colours of gold. New for this year is a red gold model with an all-new dial; a rose gold model featuring the really nice famous fumé dial; and a model in white gold with a new silver-plated dial. The Mayu is available in platinum, rose gold and white gold; and this years, red gold is given the place of honour with a remarkable entry to the Mayu collection.


The Mayu collection has a great variety to choose from and the model itself is IMHO one of the most attractive Sec @ Six models in the market today! Typical for the brand are the gold hands, that are not only found in the Mayu series, but actually throughout the whole Moser & Cie collection. Almost like a signature. On the wrist the watch gives a stylish and discreet presence.


Although the polished hands do have a perfect shape and produce very good readability, I also wonder how a white gold version in combination with a salmon colored dial and classic blued hands & markers would look like.

–GEO is contributor of Revo-Online & Revolution Magazine and passionate about Cartier, independents and fine watchmaking,
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