Three days ahead of the global launch, Singapore was most fortunate yesterday to have TAG Heuer kickoff their Heuer Globetrotter exhibition, here, just ahead of the Formula One Grand Prix weekend.

The effort seeks to celebrate the Swiss manufacture’s 150 years of history by having 10 different thematic exhibitions concurrently running in 10 different cities. These include: Paris – the classic Heuers; Geneva – the major inventions; Munich – the military watches; Venice – cars and timekeeping; Dubai – sailing and diving; Hong Kong – cars and drivers; Sydney – multisports, Tokyo – design through history; Miami – design and, last but very importantly, Singapore – Formula One.

What is most admirable about this global exhibition is that while it wouldn’t have taken too much for TAG Heuer to bring out the various timepieces out of their own museum, the manufacture has rather chosen to engage with the TAG Heuer collector base in each city to round up the various vintage Heuers necessary to form the assigned themes.

Singapore’s theme being Formula One meant that we here were treated to a bevy of Heuer chronographs ranging from various seasons in the manufacture’s history. From the famed Monza, the Autavia and even a gorgeous black dialed Dato 45, the watches gathered for the exhibition were dizzying. Suggesting, also, perhaps that there may be a stronger vintage Heuer community here than we give Singapore credit for.

The Dato 45
The Dato 45
Patrick Dempsey for TAG Heuer in SG_SMIT7081_20170913
Patrick Dempsey for TAG Heuer in SG_SMIT7073_20170913
Patrick Dempsey for TAG Heuer in SG_SMIT7063_20170913
Patrick Dempsey for TAG Heuer in SG_SMIT7062_20170913

But the kicker of it all might very well have been that it was TAG Heuer ambassador and American actor, Patrick Dempsey who flew down all the way from Los Angeles to inaugurate the Globetrotter exhibition. It was highly fitting to have him there for the occasion, because he is himself a racer — having participated in Le Mans — and is a genuine admirer of TAG Heuer.

He was wearing a vintage Monaco, which he shared was a watch he bought for himself at the conclusion of the television hit, Grey’s Anatomy.

Patrick Dempsey for TAG Heuer in SG_SMIT7206_20170913
Patrick Dempsey for TAG Heuer in SG_SMIT7225_20170913
Patrick Dempsey for TAG Heuer in SG_SMIT7170_20170913
Patrick Dempsey for TAG Heuer in SG_SMIT7355_20170913

The Singapore leg of the exhibition is being held at the TAG Heuer boutique at Wisma Atria, Orchard Road (September 16th to September 30th, 2017). More information about the TAG Heuer Globetrotter exhibition can be found at