A Swiss watch is great, but a Swiss Chronometer is even better; for many customers there is added appeal in a COSC-certified watch. No surprise that some of the largest Manufactures in Switzerland, also have incorporated the Chronometer certification for the majority of their collections. Omega thought it was time to step up the certification requirements, and developed a whole new testing and certification process together with the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS).

OMEGA & METAS_1The most important and exciting aspect of this new certification process is that they only test finished watches. For a Chronometer certification only the movement of a watch is being tested, and when it has passed the tests it is sent back to the brand’s manufacture to receive the correct dial, hands and being further cased up and finished. This is very much the same as testing an engine before your mount it in a car. In general the process works fine, but it could work better when you test the product as a whole.

Omega announced that starting mid-2015 all of their Master Co-Axial watches will be carrying this new certification. In order to obtain this, the watches will be tested during and after being exposed to magnetic field higher then 15.000 Gauss, and must obtain a strict tolerance of 0 to +5 seconds per day. Indeed there is no negative tolerance, so when the time is set right initially, you will always be a few seconds early instead of late. Additionally as well, requirements for autonomy as well as water resistance have been set.


Although developed together with METAS by Omega, the certification is a federal process and therefore, independent, regulated by the Swiss government, and for that reason open to all brands. Actually, Swatch group CEO Nick Hayek invited other brands to enter the new certification process, since in his opinion it will strengthen the entire watch industry and will deliver added value to consumers. Amen to that!

Martin Green
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