Here at Revolution, we are inundated with fledgling watch companies offering to have us write stories about their new watches, even if they are still just a sketch on a piece of paper and they have yet to raise the money for production.

As a result, I have a steadfast rule – I won’t write about a new watch until it has been produced, so that I can hold it my hand and feel the quality, or lack thereof.

So, when Andrei Bica-Popi of Transylvanian-brand (yes, that’s right, Transylvania!) Peren Watches sent me a production version of his new Peren Nera timepiece, I was keen to give it a try. I had heard about it, but had never seen it.

I must say, when I opened the box and put it on, I was very favorably impressed. Unlike many new companies, this wasn’t a light, cheap and cheerful watch meant to entice a millennial out of a hundred bucks or so. It was a substantial watch, well-designed and very well made, and it looked great.

So great, in fact, that Sophie Furley, editor in chief of Revolution Switzerland stole it from me before I could even put it on, and wore it for a full week.

Peren Nera (Image © Revolution)

“When I first saw the Peren Nera watch just sitting on my colleague’s desk, I was instantly drawn to its simple yet striking design, Furley says. “I had no idea what it was and as he was away from his desk, I took the liberty of slipping it on to see how it looked and felt on the wrist. I loved it so much that I was extremely reluctant to give it back!”

Don’t worry, I eventually got the Peren Nera watch back from Sophie and was able to wear it for a week, which was very enjoyable.

I found the watch to be very comfortable and its design was really eye-catching. I wore it to teach my classes at Webster University, where my students commented on the watch’s unique look.

There’s nothing fancy about the Peren Nera watch, and I think that’s its appeal to me. It goes about its business, telling time and looking great while doing it, without any fanfare.

Peren Nera
Peren Nera

“I am doing Peren Watches because I would like to transpose the perennial way of life of the ancient Transylvanian population into perpetual time measuring objects,” explains Bica-Popi, Peren Watches CEO. “My main goal is to promote the perennial philosophy of life and to empower countless individuals worldwide with perennial products that can be passed from generation to generation.”

Surprisingly, a Transylvanian brand has succeeded in making a high quality, well designed and well manufactured Swiss Made timepiece, in a limited edition of 200 pieces.

Bravo, Peren. Bravo.

Peren Nera (Image © Revolution)

Technical Specifications


Automatic ETA 2824-2 with 40-hour power reserve


39mm steel case with uni-directional rotating bezel in black PVD, domed sapphire crystal, display back, water resistant to 200m



Peren Nera