First, a quick introduction. For the past 2 decades Buben & Zorweg have been creating luxury safes (didn’t even know that was a thing) that are intended to house fine timepieces. Their creations are part, winders (even winders for hand wound watches) humidor, bar, weather station and even German engineered music systems. While those are add-ons to most of their products, at their heart, these are the ultimate way to showcase and safeguard any worthy watch collection. Beyond that, Buben & Zorweg has also produced a handsome line of their own mechanical table clocks and wristwatches.

BUBEN&ZORWEG Agartos Tourbillon - Open

With that in mind, enter the Buben & Zorweg Agartos Tourbillon. 2 years, 4000 hours in development at the hands of 10 experts in craft, design and technology resulted in this – a 5-watch showcase watchwinder, topped off with its own open-dial tourbillon clock.

BUBEN&ZORWEG Agartos Tourbillon - Presentation Column

I think magnificent is the correct word here. But as good as it looks, I really want to tell you about the technology that’s within its heart. Time Mover® is the term that Buben & Zorweg have given to their winder technology. This mechanism is programmed such that you are going to be able to:

  1. Speedwind a time piece if you’re ever in a rush
  2. Set it to a SPECIFIC number of rotations for optimal maintainence of your particular fine timepiece
  3. Set it to alternate between clockwise/counterclockwise rotations, or just rotate in one direction
  4. Set it in auto-mode, if you are clueless about the optimum settings for your watch
  5. Leave the watch at idle (to unwound)

BUBEN & ZORWEG Agartos Tourbillon Close-up

Let me go back to point 4 for a quick second. See if you are in fact clueless as to what works best for your particular timepiece, Buben & Zorweg have gathered a massive online database of information on their website pertaining to fine watches and their optimal winding settings for the Time Mover®.

If you’re still not convinced that these guys don’t make your average watchwinders (c’mon, damn thing has its own tourbillon), allow me to explain the second option in Buben & Zorweg’s Time Mover® – a way to keep your manually wound watches, well, wound. It’s essentially an armature designed to latch onto a watch’s winding crown to wind the watch as required: speed wind or an optimal winding frequency setting to maintain a constant power reserve in the watch.

Point I’m trying to make, is that Buben & Zorweg, doesn’t just make good-looking storage cabinets for your precious watch collection. These are well thought out, intelligent maintenance tools of a most exclusive nature, for the most sensitive of fine timepieces.

Yet there’s much to be said of the creative execution that Buben & Zorweg bring to their products, each a worthy addition to any space of fine tastes. Which brings us to this curious story about the Agartos. A Singapore based client of Buben & Zorweg’s, recently commissioned a bespoke Iron Man themed Agartos. And just look at what Buben & Zorweg delivered.

Apparently, Anthony “Tony” Stark resides in Singapore.

Keeping to the exclusivity of their work, Buben & Zorweg will only produce 25 pieces of their Agartos Tourbillon. The Mark IV, is just 1 of 1.

You can find more information about the Agartos, and other offerings from Buben & Zorweg at