Night one of The Geneva Watch Auction: Four (November 2016) with one massive world record for, not simply stainless steel Patek Philippes, but for any wrist watch ever to have been sold over an auctioneer’s podium.

The second session will pick up tomorrow at 6pm Geneva, again, at the La Réserve hotel. For now, here’s a quick run through of this evening’s affair and numbers from eight of Ken Kessler’s 15 picks from the Geneva auction this November, which found loving homes.

Aurel Bacs, on perfect form this evening, led the charge through all 93 lots hammered today. His French was sharp, his Italian keen and his English buttery-charming. A few lots were pulled out before the start of the evening (lots 14, 42, 63, 70, 75, 91) and just one lot, lot 97: a Rolex asymmetrical wristwatch watch, went unsold. Still a monumental performance for one gentleman on a marathon mission.

As for the eight picks here are the figures locked in:

The world's most expensive Patek Philippe, a steel 1518 sold by Phillips for USD 11 million in late 2016

Top 5 Figures from the Night

Leaving aside the record breaker, the other five top performers from the evening starts off with the Tiffany & Co. dial Paul Newman “Panda” (lot 30), which sold for CHF 874,000.

Next, the yellow gold Patek Philippe ref. 1518 (lot 100), which came in at CHF 598,000 — a far cry from its stainless steel sibling, but a respectable figure no less.

Third on the rank is the ref. 6538 “Tropical Brown Four Liner”, Rolex Submariner (lot 37) which went for CHF 562,000.

Lot 98, the Patek Philippe ref. 3974 yellow gold minute repeater perpetual calendar is the next top performer clocking in at CHF 514,000.

Last, but not least, the ref. 2438/1 yellow gold perpetual calendar (lot 66), which sold for CHF 406,000.

Well, that’s all for tonight folks — we’ll be back here, tomorrow evenin, same time (same channel?!) to cover the thrilling conclusion and session two of The The Geneva Watch Auction: Four.

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