Shortly after presenting their novelties at this year’s Baselworld, and having graced our UK edition’s second issue cover, the HYT team went on a world tour to further connect with fans, beginning from Los Angeles, and moving on to New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong and finally Singapore.

This Singapore edition of this world tour was hosted by Revolution, and the private, intimate event for HYT was held at Jiu Zhuang, a quaint, 1920s Shanghai glamour inspired Chinese restaurant located at Dempsey Hill.

HYT CEO, Vincent Perriard presented to the assembled group of collectors and journalists, an overview of the brand’s philosophy and unique concept, highlighting the inspiration behind the timepieces; with one notable time-telling device from history, the clepsydras. Similar for relying on a fluid (water) to tell the time, the ancient device differs from HYT’s modern offerings by relying on gravity. One of the earliest horological instruments ever made and used both by the ancient Chinese and Egyptians, this use of fluid by HYT is a modern analogue to man’s earliest experiments to mark the passage of time.HYT_JZ_28

To have fluid to tell time on a wristwatch would seem impossible, and it was only through co-operation with the expert watchmakers at Audemars Piguet Renaud and Papi (APRP), that this innovative vision could become a reality.HYT_JZ_20

Guests were able to experience the latest novelties first hand, and were certainly enchanted by the technological achievements that every HYT timepiece embodies. Said renowned watch collector, Peter Chong, “My favourite is the H1, the watches are all well finished, and I love the idea of a hydro mechanical watch.” Another guest comment on his first interaction with a HYT: “When I was travelling in Europe and first saw the HYT collection, I sat for an hour just to play with it, as it is an enchanting idea to have the philosophy of fluid and mechanical engineering to work together in a watch.”HYT_JZ_08

Perriard, who as ever, was overflowing with enthusiasm and positive energy, commented on the value of such an intimate connection with the watch collectors and connoisseurs of Singapore, stressing the island’s growing importance to the brand. With the upcoming opening of a HYT showroom in mid August this year, we at Revolution will certainly look forward to the strong presence of cosmic hydrodynamics on the wrists of collectors here.

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