The Logical One features a triple patent-pending flat chain-and-fusee style constant force system developed by Romain Gauthier. He was in Singapore last week to present this amazing watch to collectors and members of the media.

Romain Gauthier 3

The Constant force system ensures more reliable and accurate timing for this timepiece. A standard fusse chain design uses muti-layer of chain so the individual links have to be small but weak. By replacing the fuse with a snail cam, he is able to make stronger (bigger) links.

Romain Gauthier 4



Romain Gauthier 5

You wind the watch with each push of the button at 9 o’clock.


Romain Gauthier 6

The transmitting forces are at an angle in the standard fussee and chain design which is less efficient. In his design you can see that the snail cam and mainspring barrel are on the same level and only a short chain is needed. The force transmitted is on a straight line, lowering the stress of the whole system.


Romain Gauthier 9


Romain Gauthier 10


Romain Gauthier 11

Note that the tiny links of the chains are made of rubies instead of the metal that are commonly used in fuse chain designs for watches. These synthetic rubies have better wear resistance than metals and lower the coefficient of friction as well.

Romain Gauthier 1

This is indeed a very aesthetically appealing design with a classic fusse style chain on the left and the signature Romain Gauthier dial on the right.